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One of the benefits dropshipping agents provide to dropshipping store owners is hassle-free inventory inspections.

Product inspections are the method of ensuring that products meet the standards and requirements. The product inspection process is mainly concerned with checking the product's appearance, structure, and basic functionality, and it is normally carried out at the factory where your product is manufactured.

Before sending bulk inventory to our warehouses, our sales team at Fulfill Panda ensures that the supplying factory sends us product images.

The process of inventory inspection starts once incoming bulk inventory ordered from supplying inventory arrives.


  • The inventory clerk checks in the inventory sent by the supplier during this process. He scans the package and opens each one at a time to ensure that the amount of items in each box matches the purchase order.
  • He also tests to see if the product photos match the items that were submitted.
  • Is the weight in line with the product's specifications? If the actual weight of the product differs from the product requirements provided by the supplier, the system is modified.
  • Is there anything missing? Any variance, either shortage or overage of incoming inventories are reported back to the supplier for compliance.
  • Is there any evidence of a problem? This applies specifically to non-general items such as battery operated or electronic items. Random inspection is rendered to check whether they are functioning well as intended.
  • What's the state of the exterior packaging?

Until product packaging and bundling, all of these tasks are completed during the inventory inspection stage.


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